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Buying from,,or even paying your Chinese suppliers becomes much better when procuring through our service. Your orders are process within 24hours of receiving your payment. Service charge is just $5 regardless of the amount of goods you are purchasing. We do not charge you by percents. When buying from,,,, or even paying your suppliers, we make sure that you receive constant updates from the time you place the order to the time you receive your goods.

Daily Exchange Rate For Our Transactions

Dollar to NairaDollar to CedisDollar to Yuan/Rmb

Our shipping fee varies depending on your country and the shipping option you selected. If your country is not among the countries listed below, the price of the shipping from China to your country will be $30 per kg.

Shipping Fee To Nigeria
Shipping Fee To Ghana
Shipping Fee To Other Countries

**NOTE**: For customers from Nigeria, the shipping fee above includes the clearance fee when the item reach Nigeria. For those that live outside Lagos, there is an additional local shipping fee depending on the kg of your item. For customers from Ghana, the shipping fee does not include the clearance fee. You will pay clearance fee during pickup.

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