Procurement Service Charge

Procurement service charge is 5 percent per link submitted. The maximum you will be charge in a link is $5. For example, if you are purchasing an item/goods that cost $500, instead of charging $25 which is the 5%, you will be charge $5

Shipping Fees

Our shipping fees for customers shipping to Nigeria and Ghana are listed in the table below. For other customers shipping to countries like USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, etc the shipping fee per kg is $40 per kg.

Please Note that the prices below is per kg. We highly recommend that you use the Cost Calculator to check the amount it will cost you to ship or procure an item through us.

Shipping Prices From China to Nigeria

TypeMin KgMax KgPrice Per KG($)Estimate DeliveryCountry
Express Shipping0.005.00$12.002 - 3daysNigeria
Express Shipping5.1010.00$11.002 - 3daysNigeria
Express Shipping10.1010000.00$10.002 - 3daysNigeria
Normal Shipping0.005.00$8.0010 - 14daysNigeria
Normal Shipping5.1010.00$7.0010 - 14daysNigeria
Normal Shipping10.101000000.00$6.5010 - 14daysNigeria
Triweekly Shipping0.005.00$9.004 - 7daysNigeria
Triweekly Shipping5.1010.00$8.004 - 7daysNigeria
Triweekly Shipping10.10100000.00$7.504 - 7daysNigeria

Shipping Prices From China to Ghana

TypeMin KgMax KgPrice Per KG($)Estimate DeliveryCountry
Express Shipping0.005.00$10.007 - 10daysGhana
Express Shipping5.1010.00$9.007 - 10daysGhana
Express Shipping10.101000000.00$8.007 - 10daysGhana
Normal Shipping0.005.00$13.0014 - 21daysGhana
Normal Shipping5.1010.00$12.0014 - 21daysGhana
Normal Shipping10.102000000.00$11.5014 - 21daysGhana