China Holiday Notification

From 1st of February 2021, order processing will be closed until 18th of February 2021. Our last shipment before China holiday starts will be on the 4th of February while the next shipment after the holiday will be on first week of March 2021.

From 10th of January 2021 to 30th of January 2021, please use to place your orders. Please note that your account still remains the same.

Procurement Service Charge

Procurement service charge is 3 percent per link submitted. If you are purchasing on a regular basis, you should consider using the Procurement Subscription which cost $100 for 3months. If subscribe to our Procurement Subscription plan, you will not be charge service charge as long as your subscription is active.

Shipping Fees

Our shipping fees for customers shipping to Nigeria and Ghana are listed in the table below. For other customers shipping to countries like USA, United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, etc the shipping fee per kg is $40 per kg.

Please Note that the prices below is per kg. We highly recommend that you use the Cost Calculator to check the amount it will cost you to ship or procure an item through us.

Shipping Prices From China to Ghana

TypeMax KgPrice Per KG($)Estimate DeliveryCountry
Express Shipping0.1kg to 5.00kg$13.0010 - 20daysGhana
Express Shipping5.01kg to 10.00kg$13.0010 - 20daysGhana
Express Shipping10.01kg to 1000000.00kg$13.0010 - 20daysGhana

Shipping Prices From China to China

TypeMax KgPrice Per KG($)Estimate DeliveryCountry
Express Shipping0.1kg to 5.00kg$4.002 - 3daysChina
Express Shipping5.01kg to 10.00kg$3.502 - 3daysChina
Express Shipping10.01kg to 20.00kg$3.002 - 3daysChina
Express Shipping20.01kg to 10000.00kg$2.502 - 3daysChina

Shipping Prices From China to Nigeria

Attention: Please note that parcel that contains battery or liquid cannot be shipped with Normal Shipping GZ. If your parcel contain battery or liquid please choose Normal Shipping HK.

TypeMax KgPrice Per KG($)Estimate DeliveryCountry
Normal Shipping GZ0.1kg to 10.00kg$8.5010 - 30daysNigeria
Normal Shipping GZ10.01kg to 100000.00kg$8.0010 - 30daysNigeria
Normal Shipping HK0.1kg to 10.00kg$9.5010 - 30daysNigeria
Normal Shipping HK10.01kg to 100000.00kg$9.0010 - 30daysNigeria

Special Notice

Items like human hair are consider as special products. For this reason, regardless of the number of kg, it will be charged using the maximum kg price. For example if you are shipping hair to Nigeria, regardless of the weight of the hair, it will be calculated using $12 which is the maximum for Express Shipping. If you are shipping to Ghana, it will be charge using $10 per kilo which is maximum for Express to Ghana

Items like liquid, battery products will automatically be ship through Normal Shipping