Procurement Service Charge

Procurement service charge is 3 percent per link submitted. If you are purchasing on a regular basis, you should consider using the Procurement Subscription which cost $100 for 3months. If you have an active Procurement Subscription plan, you will not be charge service charge as long as your subscription is active.

Shipping Fees

Our shipping fees for customers shipping to Nigeria and Ghana are listed in the table below.Please note that the prices below is per kg. We highly recommend that you use the Cost Calculator to check the amount it will cost you to ship or procure an item through us.

Shipping Prices From China to Nigeria

Attention: Please note that parcel that contains battery or liquid cannot be shipped with Normal Shipping GZ. If your parcel contain battery or liquid please choose Normal Shipping HK.

TypeMax KgPrice Per KG/CBM($)Estimate DeliveryCountry
Sea Shipping0.1cbm to 1.00cbm$270.00 per cbm65 - 80daysNigeria
Sea Shipping1.01cbm to 5.00cbm$250.00 per cbm65 - 80daysNigeria
Sea Shipping5.01cbm to 10000000.00cbm$250.00 per cbm65 - 80daysNigeria
Normal Shipping HK0.1kg to 10.00kg$8.00 per kg14 - 24daysNigeria
Normal Shipping HK10.01kg to 100000.00kg$7.50 per kg14 - 24daysNigeria
Normal Shipping GZ0.1kg to 10.00kg$7.50 per kg10 - 14daysNigeria
Normal Shipping GZ10.01kg to 100000.00kg$7.00 per kg10 - 14daysNigeria
CVMPOST0.1kg to 15.00kg$3.50 per kg65 - 80daysNigeria

Special Notice

Volumetric weight, also known as dimensional weight or DIM weight, is a way of measuring the amount of space that a package requires,whether a plane or a shipping container.Volumetric weight is as important as the actual weight of a package since couriers choose whichever figure is larger to establish the shipping rate for that particular order. Please note that we also use volume weight to charge in cases where the volume weight is higher than the actual weight of the parcel. And this is applicable to all shipping methods.

If you are shipping to your agent within China, the shipping price is $3.00 for the first kg while the remaining kg while be $0.50 for each kg. The maximum you will be charged is $50. For example,

  • Shipping an item of 1kg to your China agent will cost you $3
  • Shipping an item of 5kg to your China agent will cost you $5
  • Shipping an item of 10kg to your China agent will cost you $7
  • Shipping an item of 100kg to your China agent will cost you $50

For those who would like to ship to other countries not mention above, you can ship to your agent or we can handle the shipping for you through DHL. The shipping price is $40 per kg.