Pay Suppliers
We help you to pay your China suppliers within 24 to 72 working hours.
Wallet Top-up
We top-up your Superbuy or Cssbuy wallet which helps you to buy from or
Your transaction are secure with SSL Encryption
We are always available to answer your questions.

Buy From,, etc

Although we no longer offer this service, you can still buy from,, etc. by using the services of,, etc.

To get started, you need to register on the website ( or Once your registeration is successful, log into the website and go to your wallet. Click on topup/fund wallet. Enter the amount you want to top-up with and then click pay/topup. Make sure that you select Alipay as your means of funding. Their system will generate a qrcode. Copy the payment code and then use it to place your order on Chrisvicmall "Pay Supplier" page.

The moment we make the payment, your wallet on the website ( will be credited immediately after which you can start placing your orders on their website.