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Use Our Office To Receive Goods

Please LOGIN to get the correct address you need to give your supplier if you want them to send goods to our office. Giving your supplier a wrong address might result to delay in shipping and update or even lost of goods.

Our Office Address

Guangzhou (China)

  • Room 208, Mingsheng Trading Market
  • No. 18, Guangyuan Zhong Road
  • Guangzhou China
  • Tel: +8613760808690

Lagos (Nigeria)

  • 9 Medical Road Opposite Zenith Bank
  • Ikeja Lagos Nigeria
  • Tel: +2348155958098

Port Harcourt (Nigeria)

  • No 6 Trans-woji New Slaughter Road
  • YKC Junction Woji,
  • Port Harcourt Nigeria
  • Tel: +2348138478259
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