China Holiday Notification

From 1st of February 2021, order processing will be closed until 18th of February 2021. Our last shipment before China holiday starts will be on the 4th of February while the next shipment after the holiday will be on first week of March 2021.

From 10th of January 2021 to 30th of January 2021, please use to place your orders. Please note that your account still remains the same.

Shipping From China to Ghana

If you are wondering how to ship your item from China to Ghana, then you have come to the right place. Our shipping to Ghana takes between 4 to 7days to reach Ghana from the time of shipping the item from China. Items like phones, powerbank, and liquid products cannot be send to Ghana directly but rather it will go through Nigeria and then from Nigeria, it will be sent to Ghana.

Item Kg Price Per Kg
0.1kg to 5kg $10 per kg
5.1kg to 10kg $9 per kg
10.1kg and above $8 per kg

Please note that our shipping price is including the shipping fee and the clearance fee from China to Chrisvicmall Accra Office. When the item reach Ghana, you can go to our office in Accra for collection. If you are shipping items like phones, powerbank, and liquid products, please note that there will be additional shipping fee since the item will go through Nigeria.

For those living outside Accra, please note that there will be additional shipping fee from Accra to your destination. You can contact our Ghana branch to check the price for them.