Chrisvicmall Customers Review

Wed 20th Nov 2013 02:10 am

Chrisvicmall is a legally constituted Logistics management company.

I respect their priority which is to provide a CHEAP and QUALITATIVE shipping alternative for Nigerians.

If you are new to importation, don't fear. Chrisvicmall is the starter's guide to excellence!


Sun 17th Nov 2013 07:51 pm

doing well. recommend cvm over mainstream shippers, but there is plenty of room for improvements too. u guys should not go tom sleep

Sun 17th Nov 2013 07:02 pm

This order should have been shipped last weekend and you are just shipping it.

Sat 16th Nov 2013 07:19 pm

The tracking interface should be updated, it's really giving me concern when I track my order and found out that the same thing is been written there all over again. Pls try and make amendments...

Tue 12th Nov 2013 05:17 pm

Thanks you are rely Impress me

Tue 12th Nov 2013 05:11 pm

Being the first time doin business with chrisvicmall,I was scared, but I decide to give them a trial, and the trial has convinced me, that chrisvicmall is not a scam but your customer service section needs improvement,I prayed your organisation will develop more than this. Amen.

Tue 12th Nov 2013 08:46 am

Chrisvicmall is the best. Makes busy easy and fast. So pleasant doing business. Great communication and the Chat room is always convenient and welcoming.rnGreetings to Elena, Victor

Mon 11th Nov 2013 11:32 pm

Service is great. Communication and customer care worthy of note.

Mon 11th Nov 2013 06:37 pm

At first, i was skeptical about using you guys, then i made an order, which showed purchased, then only to be told my goods were not purchased after a week due to some system issues, even thou i used express service. I worked with the customer service people, who were very helpful and got the problem and mix up sorted out. Its a good thing i expressed some issues, because it makes me an expart in resolving issues in the future if there are any, we are all humans, and isssues are bound to come up in the course of service. My goods came and i was immidiately alerted. Thanks Chrisvic,

Sun 10th Nov 2013 09:10 am

Victor and Elena!where is my goods. i amso disappointed with your level of service.very very poor. i am yet to get my could you treat me this way.victor ,you of all people.I have read so many terrible things about you guys but yet i still gave you guys a benefit of doubt.You still failed me.Please i beg you.where guys dont take my calls any this how you guys do business and all.very very poor. pls dont dare me.i am so unhappy. note that this will be the last time i will do busines with you guys.i will tell the people in onistha and asaba the pains u ve caused