Chrisvicmall Customers Review

Fri 22nd Aug 2014 08:08 am

I enjoy your services so much. My major concern is the exuberant exchange rate of constantly $175 per Dollar against $163 attainable every where. Secondly poor response and most times delay in shipping. Please work on these comments and my observation. Otherwise, you guys are the best so far. Thank you. Ellis.

Tue 19th Aug 2014 06:05 am

I like Chrisvicmall. My goods were intact. But customer service needs to improve seriously. Fixed exchange rate is too high and it should be reduced. Other than that you guys are simply the best. I'll definitely do business again.

Fri 11th Jul 2014 05:54 am

Service excellent especially in your freighting service and good customer services. Will be willing to recommend your service to others.

Thu 19th Jun 2014 07:01 am

Fast shipping service

Sun 18th May 2014 06:25 am

try improve in your shipping service, delay in shipping and some errors when collecting customer's goods from air port.

Sun 27th Apr 2014 03:17 am

Chrisvicmall has grown beyond the days of mediocrity to the new ice age of near perfection. Excellent administrative quality from Mr. Victor and a superb swift customer attention from Ms. Elena. However, efforts should be made to harmonize Nigerian business branch with the Chinese based colleagues to maintain 100% customer satisfaction. Thanks for improving in your communication skills through text messages, follow-up mails and periodic alerts. This is simply Importation-made-easy. I strongly recommend Chrisvicmall Logistics Ltd. For your a stress -free business. Happy Importation

Sun 26th Jan 2014 07:43 pm

Nice goods and cool customer care (Elena thumb up)

Sun 19th Jan 2014 08:44 pm


Mon 13th Jan 2014 02:33 pm

You guys are tremendous. Prompt payment of suppliers and prompt delivery. Keep it up.

Thu 2nd Jan 2014 07:44 am

Prompt & excellent delivery