Chrisvicmall Customers Review

Fri 28th Jun 2019 11:27 pm

Nice doing business with you

Thu 27th Jun 2019 07:03 pm

Am using chrisvicmall for the first time, my first order was intact, for my second order, it states that it has been picked up the same date it arrived, whereas, it has not been picked up. Money was deducted from my account for a 3rd shipping, yet i didnt ship anything, i later saw that the shipping was done by the admin for zero item (no item). I have complained and nothing was done. the customer service representatives does not respond each time i raise the issue. The phone number in the pickup unit is always switched off.

Thu 27th Jun 2019 03:13 pm

Your service is cool but your charges are so crazy , how can shipping charges be more the price of the product . And also you calculation for items per kg is stupid. Be specific, 1.2kg is 1.2kg not estimated 2kg for what. kindly also charges your cedis to dollar rate, is so sick. 5.55gh per 1$ for where .
Please do something about it, it taking all my money away.

Tue 25th Jun 2019 10:25 pm

Good service and customer relationship, but there is more room for improvement

Tue 25th Jun 2019 08:32 pm

Payment notification was been delayed and haven't been effected till now

Mon 24th Jun 2019 06:49 pm

please on your method of delivery within nigeria

Sun 23rd Jun 2019 02:52 pm

J09881......I place 2 order,one was shipped.
0F1073....I place 2 order,it was shipped,but was removed in your lagos branch.
LX3346...I placed 3 order,2 was shipped.
ZR0123...I placed 2 order,one was shipped.
KF8996....I placed 2 order,one missing.
My goods was open wen giving to me in your branch.
This is my first time and am highly disappointed

Sat 22nd Jun 2019 08:32 pm

You guys have poor service, and theives amongst your staff, items come incomplete and over charged and it is never resolved and you have some very rude and exploitative staff too. My business with you guys is finally ended and you can also kiss my affiliates goodbye too.
Good riddance

Fri 21st Jun 2019 02:53 am

Very poor customer service. Especially the Lagos office. They don't process local shipping promptly. Lagos office phone lines are always switched off. Please work on this as it is affecting your clients.

Fri 21st Jun 2019 01:08 am

I must confess that your company has been exceptional. I will like your company to enlist the price tag for every KG for all local delivery in your database.