Chrisvicmall Customers Review

Mon 10th Dec 2018 07:04 pm

Very poor

Sat 8th Dec 2018 09:27 pm

Hello, thanks for the great work. I love Chrisvic.

I will like to suggest that, as reseller's we get the opportunity to see user's placing order their phone number's to call in case they need help as they cannot call the mtn merchant number. This makes them to drop their order and choose another reseller. I will be glad if this can be enabled in my account as an addition to missed/failed orders. Thank you

Sat 8th Dec 2018 08:18 pm

I ordered for a product since 3rd dec,today is 8th december and it still hasnt gotten to cvm office china. Also i feel the shipping cost is too expensive.

Fri 7th Dec 2018 10:42 pm

Very nice experience... i am impressed

Fri 7th Dec 2018 10:41 pm

It was a very terrible experience, as my goods arrived damaged and broken, huge business loss. Chrisvic has violent shipping process.

Fri 7th Dec 2018 07:54 pm

I like your service because it makes my life easier. But please increase the estimated arrival date for Normal shipping to avoid disappointing customers. I had to wait over a month for my products to arrive. Your customer care team in China and especially Nigeria were very patient and helpful. Thanks

Fri 7th Dec 2018 04:51 pm

They lost my parcel at china office and they start lying to me,the parcel that you gave ref id and tracking number and you start telling me that nothing is inside the tracking number.

Fri 7th Dec 2018 04:37 pm

Too costly

Wed 5th Dec 2018 01:46 pm

1. The level at which a package containing 2 parcels is divided thus both can be shipped express but one arrived before the other.. i think if anything like that the ower of the item should be notified...

2. The rate at which items are been handled is not at it best.. thus a quantity of dress i purchased one got tore.but from the look of things it wasn't from the factory but it was dragged on the floor.. Please that part should be watched carefully..

Tue 4th Dec 2018 09:30 pm

i am not happy with your services at all,item doesnt come on the estimated day,normal shipping takes more than 21 days before arrival,shipping fee very high, rmb conversion high,....cant recommend someone until i see changes positively