Chrisvicmall Customers Review

Mon 29th Jun 2020 06:00 pm

It nice doing business with you

Mon 29th Jun 2020 04:53 pm

This shipping order was estimated to 8th june but uptill date it has still not arrived in ghana please do something about it!

Sat 27th Jun 2020 06:25 am


Fri 26th Jun 2020 11:56 am

Tmall,taboo your procurement deal payment And allow price to increase before us to find solutions to that pls

Fri 26th Jun 2020 04:03 am

I love your service, but at least let's have china social media handle.
Most time calling them from Nigeria does not connect. I think social media will be fast.

Tue 23rd Jun 2020 08:24 pm


Tue 23rd Jun 2020 05:26 pm

Is there a way you could help adjust the number of visible items in cart under 1688?

Sat 20th Jun 2020 01:18 am

Worst experience I have had in my life... My money was deducted twice without being funded through instant pay funding.
The support team offers no help at all.. They just keep saying we are sorry, contact opay..

I have lost a lot of money in your platform and to me, it's the worst logistics company I have come across.. You don't deserve a single star from me

Fri 19th Jun 2020 11:16 pm

What's the point asking for review when you limit the character that can be sent.

I took my time to write and suggest helpful solution but couldn't go through

Thu 18th Jun 2020 06:36 am

The worse????????????