Chrisvicmall Customers Review

Sat 25th May 2019 09:20 pm

Good service but poor customer care

Sat 25th May 2019 04:16 am

Chrisvicmall is not as it used to be. I credited my account with Ghc70.00 somewhere in March but it was never credited. I shipped some items of 100 pieces and I received just 40. And some other items too I didn't get the exact number. Why? What's going on with chrisvicmall?

Sat 25th May 2019 03:18 am

Superb and well timed delivery.. love it

Thu 23rd May 2019 09:14 pm

They're fair. They use to be better until they started to get overconfident

Wed 22nd May 2019 10:00 pm

But customer service is very good. The dollar exchange rate as well as the cost per Kg importation are too much to bear. something should be done about the importation cost per Kg. Thank you.

Wed 22nd May 2019 04:45 pm

They should work more on their confirmation, it shouldn't take 24 hours before confirming payments or issues, aside that Chrisvicmall is the best

Tue 21st May 2019 11:12 am

Your service is very poor, I regret ever using Chrisvic mall because you really put me into a big mess

Mon 20th May 2019 11:29 pm

There should be an improvement on the shipping aspect,the exact kg of each goods should be shown,and let there be transparency by writing exact cumulative kg for each item.i.e if an item for shipping weighs 6.3kg,the same 6.3 should be written instead of rounding it up to 6.5kg.....
Thank you

Sun 19th May 2019 06:40 pm

My goods where purchase and shipped ontime even with normal shipping. great service only thing i can request is please reduce the shipping cost.

Sat 18th May 2019 08:44 pm

Experience not bad you guys are organized and the customer service very encouraging but the only problem I have with you guys is that your shipping fee is too high