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New Users Frequently Asked Questions

What Service Does Chrisvicmall Offer?

Chrisvicmall is a procurement and shipping company based in China. We offer the service of helping individuals and business to purchase things from China websites like,,,,, etc. We also help to make payment to Chinese suppliers. Apart from procurement of goods, we also offer shipping service from China to different countries.

How Do I register on Chrisvicmall?

Click on the registration link and then fill all the fields. On the registration page, there is a field name "Human Checker" which requested that you removed all the text in the field and replace it with your username. Example, if you have selected "Dotdotdot" as your username, then on the human checker, after removing the text on that field, write "Dotdotdot" in the field.

After you submit the form, if you have field everything correctly, an activation link will be sent to your email. You are required to log into your email account and click on the activation link to activate your account. Without activiating your account, you cannot be able to log into your Chrisvicmall account.
Note:: If you did not find the activation email on your email inbox, please check your spasm/junk box. Sometimes email might not appear on inbox.

Once you activate your account, you can log in and process.

I have registered but I cannot remember my password

If you have forgotten your login password, you need to ask for a new password. To do this, visit the Login page and then click the Forgot Password. On the Forgot Password page, enter the email which you used during the registration and submit the form. You will receive a temporary password. Use the password and login.
Note:: When you logged in, remember to change the password to something you can easily remember.

Where Is Chrisvicmall Office?

Our office addresses can be found on the Contact Page of this website. To send email to us, log into your account click on the "Email Us" which can be found within the "Dashboard" page. If you would like to speak with any of our branch, please make sure to call during office our.

You can also chat with us through the website Live Chat during office hour.

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