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Customer CommentVicella
The item I sent via u guys was not up to 1gb but I was charged N2664. I do not really understand how u guys do ur weight measurements but it hurts when one starts counting losses for what she thought will make things easier for her. And the sending method within Nigeria needs improvement. Thanks
Customer CommentTimes
I appreciate that you got the goods I asked but I was not updated on two designs and I didn't receive them either, also on a particular design I got more than what I requested, your Nigerian representatives need to be more efficient
Customer CommentEmeritus
the only company with fast and efficient services

thanks cvm
Customer CommentCapt
Very 1st time..not impressed at all,took two weeks for express shipping
Customer CommentLarryease
I am yet to place an order for these goods and it was sent by express. I placed an order for the last goods to be sent by express and it was sent by normal shipping. Your team should please not send by assumption but always check the order placement before shipping out.
Customer CommentNico
Good and compatible service.....
keep the good work going...
Customer CommentElijahdavid
Waooo! Is really lovely to do business with chrisvicmall. Though I have not done any business transaction with any buying and shipping company before but still I am 100 percent satisfied doing business with. Excellence is at work in chrisvicmall.. God bless chrisvicmall!
Customer CommentTossete
This is my first experience with Chrisvicmall after registering since 2014 I finally decided to try your service and I'm soooooo amazed.

Fantastic job and staff.

My order was well packaged and delivered.

Thank you team!
Customer CommentEsedidiesentials
i'm very impressed with your service please keep it up
Customer CommentBoliza
I enjoyed the services especially regular update of my order. However, there was delay in sending my package from Lagos to Benin.
Will engage your services again.
Customer CommentHnetwork
Reliable and tested faster delivery
Customer CommentSolatade
Good service and would definitely ship more goods through you but you need to improve on your customer car service by responding to customer inquiries promptly.
Customer CommentSolatade
Good service and got my goods right on time but you need to improve on your customer service response.
Customer CommentKobomart
Customer CommentRukky
Poor service delivery, poor customer service. Deserve no star
Customer CommentFredericksam
Shipping was quite fast and the contact in Nigeria was very helpful. Should give a 5 star but the process of payment and payment confirmation was not very clear for me until much later.. Hope there is a way in future to pass a systematic processes information to customers. But it was great.. Thanks
Customer CommentEngineerfidel
This company is awesome I will continue to do business them in all my importation needs.
Customer CommentEngineerfidel
This company is awesome I will continue to do business them in all my importation needs.
Customer CommentThankgodtechnical
Very good, guys keep it up
Customer CommentKingsleyuk
I like your your organization in the sense, that you have a good IT system that can help manage the orders. But i feel you should improve on the delivery time of the products. This coming April 18th will make it a full month i recorded an order on your portal. I think you will improve with time. Thanks and Regards
Excellent Shipping Service
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