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Customer CommentNemzzy
It took more than 14 days for normal shipping
Customer CommentAgboflex
In my candid opinion I think all the members of staffs in your Lagos office should be changed due to their incompetence and lack of professionalism. The goods I ordered arrived days ago and I haven't gotten it to Ibadan yet. After, paying the local fees over 24 hours ago my goods have been sent to me and I am constantly being threatened about demurrage. what a pity.
Customer CommentDarstep
I don't like how the Lagos office is been run, how can I pay and pick my item and after a week I still received the embarrassing message that am owing please work on that, if it will take them to be using. computer to update immediately that will be great, love you guys, Chrisvicmall makes importation easy.
Customer CommentShemau
You guys are amazing.
Customer CommentIgwecharles
I appeal that CVM should refund me the sum Of #3,220 charge of local shipping fee which was collected from my CVM account after i have requested for cancellation of local shipping services
Customer CommentUfuro
But i understand the local shipping cost since am using lagos office. What is it for please i need a better explanations.

Customer CommentVictorakpos
your services is amazing, the goods i ordered came promptly, just keep it up, and your customer care agents are responsive too, thanks.
Customer CommentHlinks
It came a day late. Express delivery should be given very high priority.
Customer CommentChuchupet
everything from china was ease but from lagos to abuja was not ,but i think china office should write the final destination on the goods to help lagos office in sorting goods.
Customer CommentLuscious
they have all the means to please customers but yet they choose not to. they don't answer messages/ chats. ignore customers requests which leads to both pecel loss and demmurage charge.
this is my third time shipping with them and each time it is becomming more difficult to do bussiness with them.
Customer CommentLington
This is wonder. More greese guyz
Customer CommentAmag
In fact your services are very good. However parcels that need delivery outside Lagos tend to receive poor attension after arrival at Lagos. If the customer does not follow it up the goods are dumped at Lagos even after the customer has paid for delivery to another state. Your tracking of the parcel at this point is not as good as your service before arriving Lagos. Once this is corrected you will attended 5 star.

Customer CommentEconfido
I consider your service just good for the following reasons
1. You bought shipped and delivered the goods, that is good but
2. I did not get accurate tracking at all
3. I asked for pickup in calabar but you email me to pickup in Lagos and I have to make payment for local shipping before you ship it to calabar, all the while wasting time. I asked for calabar I read the cost, so next time just deduct it from my account and save me time.
Customer CommentDavezzy
It took you guys two weeks to answer my complaint.For a new customer that is absurd. rnrnDont use this number at all if nobody will pick it when someone is calling to complain. it pointless(+8613760808690).rnrnl made payment on the 9th send my notification, got a reply that on the 10th my acc will be credited. but you guys failed to do so incurring demurrage charges on my goods, cos the money I paid was for the rebilling of those goods to their final destination. Please i need those charges returned since the fault was from you guys.
Customer CommentHotice
Thank you Chrisvicmall. My parcel came in approximately 7days instead of the expected 14days. I'm really impressed.
Customer CommentMacbenal
I think that just as normal shipping has a good competitive discount from 20kg upwards, that such should be granted to tweakly shipping and express shipping too..

I also think that your delivery time for normal shipping should have be minimize to 5-7 working days like other company does, than your 7-14 days.
Customer CommentDolyblues
This is my second order. You guys have been wonderful. Keep it up and improve on your quick response rate to customers. Kudos!
Customer CommentDolyblues
I enjoyed Chrisvicmall services. But you guys have to improve on your online customer service at the Message/Inquiry section. They're slow to respond and at times, they don't respond at all. All the same, I enjoyed your services. I will still do more business with you because this is just the beginning. I've got my first parcel from China and I'm very happy. Overall rating: 90%.

Customer CommentMacbenal
Your services are good, timing and good but your fees are over 100% higher than other people's fee and that is affecting me ;especially from this time that I will be going into more bulky goods and been constant.
Customer CommentPsteddy
I paid for Express Shipping which was supposed to take 1-2 days for me to receive my goods but it took over two weeks from the day of Registration to the time it gets to Nigeria.
Excellent Shipping Service
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