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Children face shield Safety Faces Shields Kitchen Oil Splash Anti-Smoke Protection Screen Cook Transparent Plastic Visors For Faces

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Ship From: Nigeria


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This product is available in our Nigeria warehouse and can be ship to all parts of Nigeria within 1 to 5days.


  •  Kitchen greaseproof splash mask, the human facial design, even the one who with glasses also can use.
  •  Can protect the entire face shield-shaped structure, installation and operation are very simple and convenient.
  • Both sides of the lens (mask) are processing on anti-fog, let your vision clear every moment.
  • Material: Plastic. Mask: 
  • Prevent cooking fumes damage your eyes and face. Holder Frame Adjustable.
  • Style: Head-mounted
  • Scope of application: anti-fog, saliva protection, covering the face
  • 100% brand new material
  • Lightweight and fast, easy to operate
  • Wide coverage and safety protection
  • Transparent lens PET material, do manual work is delicate, prevent all kinds of lampblack splash, protect the face.
  • Easy to wear, suitable for home, travel, laboratory and other places.

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