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18mm wide bar cuban necklace male punk rock european and american trend full diamond alloy hip hop fashion metal necklace

Price Range: $7.84 ~~ $10.86
Minimum purchase: 2pcs

Item weight: 0.15kg
Category: Necklace
Supplier: 古萌饰品厂
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The following precautions should be paid attention to when wearing accessories
1. avoid wearing when you wash your hands, spray perfume or use skin care products.
2. Frequent contact with household cleaning products will also cause damage to Electrodeposited coatings or precious stones.
3. Please avoid wearing it when going to the beach, swimming or other sports.
4. Avoid friction between pendant and necklace, and do not wear multiple rings on the same finger.
5. Don't let the jewelry too close to high-temperature heat source, X-ray or other radioactive sources.