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Household mini facial beauty usb touch beauty eye instrument eye wrinkles removing eye massage instrument massage pen

Qty Range2~49pcs50~999pcs1000~100000pcs

Item weight: 0.20kg
Category: Electronic Beauty Instrument
Supplier: 广州科瑞斯
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Product Details

Name : Eye Massage instrument

Rated voltage : 3.7V

Rated power : 0.15W

Battery capacity : 150mah

Weight : 0.06kg

Product Size : 130*25*19mm

Packing Size : 160*70*40mm

Usage : Personal Health Care,Eye Wrinkle Removing










Beauty Eye Instrument,care your eye skin.

Introduction of eye cream, massage around the eyes, comfortable massage, fade dark circles, fade bags under the eyes, fade fine lines, tighten bags under the eyes, skin care introduction, lifting and tightening, relieve fatigue.

High frequency vibration, fade melanin, fine lines, massage skin, relieve fatigue, accelerate the introduction of eye cream.

Inductive switch, intelligent new technology, more smooth. Bionic fingertip massage head, farewell finger massage, experience new technology. Electricity lasts.


Take appropriate amount of eye cream with your fingers, apply it from the inner corner of the eye to the temple, turn on the eye beauty instrument, select the mode according to the demand, slowly massage with micro shock, and do point pressing care, stay about 10 seconds at each point, and repeat 2-3 times.

Use tips: brighten your eyes, just gently touch the lift.

It's not waterproof. Please don't soak or clean it. If you enter the water, please shake it off or blow dry it immediately.