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10Pcs KN95 3D Foldable Face Masks 5-layer Dustproof Non-woven Air Filter Breathing Protective Mask

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Ship From: Nigeria


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This product is available in our Nigeria warehouse and can be ship to all parts of Nigeria within 1 to 5days.

Product Name: KN95 Ears Hanging Type Foldable Dust Mask
Layer: 5 Layers
Material: Non-woven Fabric, High Efficiency Melt-blown Material
Implementation Standard: GB 2626-2006 KN95
Qty: 10PCS/bag

1. After inspection, this item complies with GB 2626-2006 standard. 
2. CE certificate is being registered, if you are more stringent requirements for CE  certificate, please make sure you do not mind before ordering.

- KN95 protection level, Layer by layer filtration to isolate pollution, high efficiency dust resistant
- 3D breathable space, comfortable breathing
- Adjustable nose clip strip, no scraping & air leakage prevention,tightly fit the face & filter well
- Skin Friendly Antibacterial Non-woven Fabric, moistureproof & non irritating that face won't be tied by the mask
- Application: dust isolation, electronic chemical engineering, mining industry, food processing, daily trip

Package Included:
10 x  KN95 masks

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