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From 28th of May to 30th of May, our China office will be going for Dragon Festival holiday and will resume work from 31st of May. Sorry for the inconvenient this might cause you. Please click here to read the full update
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Shipping From China To USA UK Russia Nigeria Ghana And Rest Of The World

Apart from helping customers to purchase/buy goods from China websites like,,,, or any other Chinese websites, we can also help to ship those items to your country.When shipping from China to outside world, we do offer affordable shipping rates regardless of the country you are. Our shipping prices varies depending on the country we are shipping to.

Shipping From China to Nigeria

Cargo shipping to Nigeria are of different types methods/types. Chrisvicmall offers three types of shipping from China to Nigeria which you can use when shipping your goods from China to Nigeria. These includes :

  1. Express Shipping
  2. Triweekly Shipping
  3. Normal Shipping

Express Shipping

Our express shipping leaves China everyday with exception of Sundays. It takes 24-36hours to reach Nigeria. Below are the prices for Express Shipping

  • 1-5kg = $12 per kg
  • 5.1kg to 10kg = $11 per kg
  • Above 10kg = $10 per kg

Triweekly Shipping

As the name specify, our Triweekly Shipping leaves China every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  It takes 2-3days to reach Nigeria from the time of shipping from China. Below are the prices for Triweekly Shipping

  • 1-5kg = $10 per kg
  • 5.1kg to 10kg = $9 per kg
  • Above 10kg = $8.5 per kg

Normal Shipping

Normal Shipping leaves China every Friday.  It is the most cheapest among the shipping method. However it takes longer days to arrive Nigeria from time of shipping. Normal shipping takes 7-14days to reach Nigeria from the time of shipping. The prices for Normal shipping are as below

  • 1-5kg = $8 per kg
  • 5.1kg to 10kg = $7 per kg
  • 10.1kg to 20kg = $6 per kg
  • Above 20kg = $5 per kg

Items like battery, liquid products, powerbanks, solar charges cannot be ship through Express shipping or Triweekly shipping. They can only be ship through normal shipping.

All the shipping fees mentioned above includes the clearance fee. For customers living outside Lagos, there is an additional fee to ship from Lagos to your destination. Please note that the additional fee is not included in the price above.

Shipping From China to Ghana

Unlike the shipping from China to Nigeria, we offer only one method of shipping which is Express Shipping. There is no Triweekly Shipping or Normal Shipping from China to Ghana. At the moment, shipping from China to Ghana are only on Fridays. The estimate arrival day is 2-4days from the day of shipping. The prices for shipping from China to Ghana is as below:

  • 1-5kg = $13 per kg
  • 5.1kg to 10kg = $12 per kg
  • Above 10kg = $11 per kg

We do not ship battery items. If you want us to ship your battery items, then it has to go through Nigeria first and then from Nigeria it will be ship down to Ghana.  If you are shipping things like laptop, phones, perfumes, and power bank, and other liquid items, it will take approximately 15 to 30days to reach Ghana from the time of shipping

Shipping From China to USA,UK,Canada,Russia,Germany,Italy and the rest of the world

To ship from China to the rest of the world, we use DHL or Fedex to deliver your item. The shipping price is $30 per kg. Parcels are estimated to reach your destination within 3-8days from the time of shipping.

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