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Paying your Chinese companies/suppliers might appear daunting and frausting especially if it takes forever for them to confirm that they have received your payment. Sometimes it might even take up to a week or more. This delay in payment causes your business to slack, and the money time you waste, the more profit/customers you loose. The good news is Chrisvicmall fast payment method makes sure that your supplier in China receives the money within 1hour - 24hours. If you are purchasing from aliexpress, taobao, 1688, click HERE

How it works
When purchasing from Alibaba or any Chinese company, follow the instruction below

  1. 1.) Contact the supplier/company and ask for the price of the item you want.
  2. 2.) After concluding the negotiation with the supplier/company, add $5 (service charge) to any amount the supplier gave to you.
  3. 3.) Whatever you get, use Chrisvicmall Exchange Rate to convert the amount to Naira.
  4. 4.) Whatever you get, make the payment into our account using any of the methods in Payment Methods
  5. 5.) Once you make the payment, log into your Chrisvicmall account and fill the payment notification on Payment Notification
  6. 6.) After filling the payment notification, place your order on Order Placement page. When placing the order, it is very very important to include the supplier's phone number and also the amount you want us to pay the supplier. This is to make sure that Chrisvicmall pay the right amount to the supplier. Make sure that the phone number given to you by the supplier starts with 13 or 18 or 15 When placing the order, if you want Chrisvicmall to handle the payment and shipping for you, Select "CVM handles Purchase and Shipping", if you want Chrisvicmall to handle only the payment while your supplier handles the shipping, select "CVM handles only the Purchase".

Important Things

  • 1.) Chrisvicmall service charge is $5 no matter the amount of money you are paying the supplier
  • 2.) We pay your supplier within 1hr-24hrs from the time we receive your order.
  • 3.) Once we pay your supplier, we will notify you about it through email. Once you receive the notification, contact the supplier and finalize things with him/her before they ship it out. Once they ship it out, do not forget to ask them for the tracking number and shipping company name.

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