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How To Register On Chrisvicmall

Account registration on Chrisvicmall gives a visitor the chance to participate or use any of Chrisvicmall services. It takes less than 5 minutes to register an account on Chrisvicmall. To get started, click on "Register" on the right-hand corner of the page.
Account Registration On Chrisvicmall

When the registration page opens, make sure that you entered all fields ( first name, last name, username, etc) correctly. The major challenge that new users experience during the registration is entering wrong data in the  "Human Checker" field. To avoid this issue, make sure that your username is exactly the same with you enter entered in the "Human Checker" field. For example, if you choose Paker as the username,  the human checker should also be Paker. Take a look at the picture below
Chrisvicmall registration page

After entering all the information, click on the Register. If no one has used your chosen username and email, your account will be registered. An email will be forwarded to your registered email which in our example, should be "[email protected]". In the email, click the activation link and your account will be activated. After that, you can be able to log in and continue whatever you want to do.


  • Make sure that you entered a valid email address
  • If you did not receive any email after registration, check your email spam or junk box after 5-10minutes. 
  • If you have any issue with the registration, send an email to us through our contact 
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