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News Update
There will be holiday in China starting from 29th of April to 2nd of May 2017. Order processing and shipping will resume after the holiday. Thanks for your cooperation. Please click here to read the full update
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Chrisvicmall Dollar To Naira Exchange Rate

If you are purchasing item from China or wants to pay any of your suppliers in China, you can use the our dollar to naira exchange rate box below to convert the amount you want to pay and make the payment into our bank. Note that the price is set according to Nigeria parallel market rate of today. Please once you pay, do not forget to fill the payment notification so that we can credit your account and make the payment within 1hr-24hours. If you have any question, please Contact Us

USA Dollar To Naira


Payment Instruction

After calculating the amount you need to pay, you can make the payment using one of the below options

  1. Direct Bank Deposit:Paying at any Diamond Bank branch around you
  2. Bank Online Transfer: This means transfer the payment through your online bank to our account
  3. Voguepay: This means paying through voguepay with your credit card.
If you use option 1 or 2, please do not forget to fill the payment notification form so that your account will be credited as soon as possible. If you use the third option, you don't need to fill the payment notification form after making the payment.

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