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Cvm Handles Only The Shipping

When purchasing things from China, you might decide to pay the supplier by yourself while Chrisvicmall handles the shipping for you. In a situation like this, Chrisvicmall requires that you place order on Chrisvicmall. The placing of order ensures that we can be able to give you an update as soon as we receive your item thereby saving you from wasting your airtime calling us to inquire about the goods.

We required that you place an order on Chrisvicmall immediately you finished paying your supplier(s). Do not wait for a day to pass before placing the order. Doing that might cause delay in giving you an update. To place an order on Chrisvicmall, follow the steps below;

  1. Login into your account and then click on the "Dashboard"

  2. When the "Dashboard" opens, by the corner of the page, under "My Orders" menu, you will see "Place New Order"

  3.  Click on the "Place New Order" and in the next page, select "CVM Handles Only The Shipping" and click on the "Submit" button. When you do that, the below page will open:

    Make sure that fill the form correctly otherwise you might receive an error. If this is your first time of placing order, there are things that might not be clear.
    Seller: The seller helps to separate your items so that when giving update, you will know which of the seller we have received. For example, if you purchased from two different sellers, first select "1" under the seller select drop down menu. and fill other information like the Product Link, etc. Note that if you purchase more than 1 different items froma  seller, you need to enter them separately. E.g if you purchase a book and a pen from seller A, first select "1" from the seller under the drop down menu, enter the product link for the book and other information like quantity and click "Add Product". Then after adding the book, select Seller "1" again and enter the information for the pen. After that, click on Add Product.

    Ifyou you are purchasing from more than a seller, after entering the information for seller A, you can repeat the process and enter the information for seller B, C, etc. Once you have entered all the seller(s) you purchased from, scroll down the page and you will see a form that ask you to enter things like "Prefer Shipping Option", "Payment Option",etc. Fill the form and click on "Place Order".

Please note that it is your responsible to keep in touch with the supplier until we receive the goods. When your supplier ship out your item to our office, ask your supplier for the shipping tracking number. If after 3days and you still didn't receive any update from us, contact us immediately. you can also check if we have received your parcel through

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