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Customer CommentChuckirito
I like Chrisvicmall. My goods were intact. But customer service needs to improve seriously. Fixed exchange rate is too high and it should be reduced. Other than that you guys are simply the best. I\'ll definitely do business again.
Customer CommentAdeleye
Service excellent especially in your freighting service and good customer services. Will be willing to recommend your service to others.
Customer CommentEmmachi
Fast shipping service
Customer CommentSnazzy
try improve in your shipping service, delay in shipping and some errors when collecting customer's goods from air port.
Customer CommentMandevo
Chrisvicmall has grown beyond the days of mediocrity to the new ice age of near perfection. Excellent administrative quality from Mr. Victor and a superb swift customer attention from Ms. Elena. However, efforts should be made to harmonize Nigerian business branch with the Chinese based colleagues to maintain 100% customer satisfaction. Thanks for improving in your communication skills through text messages, follow-up mails and periodic alerts. This is simply Importation-made-easy. I strongly recommend Chrisvicmall Logistics Ltd. For your a stress -free business. Happy Importation
Customer CommentAzeezxyz
Nice goods and cool customer care (Elena thumb up)
Customer CommentEmmadubem
Customer CommentBoomood
You guys are tremendous. Prompt payment of suppliers and prompt delivery. Keep it up.
Customer CommentSeton senu
Prompt & excellent delivery
Customer CommentSomatril
Your response 2 me is on a very high rate commendable, tnx 2 elena for answering my kolz anytym anyday, though i disturb her, and even victor who gives me advice on my deals.. Am in luv wt dis site.. CHRISVICMALL CHANGED MY LIFE
Customer CommentGreenchisom
I love your Guys......
Customer CommentJeffynl
Kudos to you guys especially Elena she was so helpful when processing my order...Generally, wonderful service. For your prompt response and dilligency I rate you 5stars. But don't relent on this cos I leave in abuja and I want your pick up route to extend beyond Lagos... Thanks!
Customer CommentSoltec
Excellent, I received my goods in good condition. but kindly improve your order tracking information updating.
Customer CommentHonlords
Excellent job very fast, trust worthy and reliable so proud you are a Nigerian. Thanks!
Customer CommentOsatonia
Got my goods in good condition rnThanks Chrisvic mall
Customer CommentPeterbabatunde
this is my first time for using Chrisvicmall for my shipping, at first i was scared so as not to fall into wrong hands but today i received my goods safely. You are very reliable people and hardworking, more grease to your elbow. Although you need to help out in your exchange rate please, is quite much.
God bless you!
Customer CommentNcnnamdi
Your services are great, to a large extent, smooth runing. I can confidently recomend new clients to you. Haven said those, there are areas you need to improve on; It is in the area of responding/replying to emails. Its quite important. Communication is very key where two or more people are involved in association or relationship or partnership. Lastly, there is always room for improvement in anything that we do. A journey to the Promise Land starts in one day, though may not be smooth sailing, but surely, with determination and focus, we will get there! SUCCESS!!!
Customer CommentOjoniyi
Very prompt and professional
Customer CommentEllis
Good and reliable, trusted partners but you really need to improve on your customer care service. Thanks.
Customer CommentEllis
Good service, reliable shopping partner and trusted broker.
Excellent Shipping Service
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