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Customer CommentFloxy
this team are the best team...very kind ,always willing to respond and help out even when your confused with your order. Elema and Victor....well done
Customer CommentUcheedokpa
Very very poor customer servce, pls rectify my bill, cvm chargd 15$ extra on service chage, dts 25$ instead of 10$ for 2 transactions,this happend bfre and was rectifyd by victor. But now evrybdy seems to b deaf to my mails, msgs n calls, rectify ds asap, wd b in ur ikeja office tmrw to claim my goods n i owe cvm zero naira. Username- ucheedokpa.
Customer CommentTundexbasics
It is the poorest ever! And most EXPENSIVE! Nigerian phone numebrs always going to VOICE MAIL. CVM is a joke!
Customer CommentMila
Dont ever use Cvm when you have an emergency because no on will respond to your order or pick up your call. Cvm probably think they are the only shipping company in China. If you keep using this crappy service then you are on hour own
Customer CommentAzizhayzed
You said your express shipping takes 3 days, I don't know why my order takes a week to reach Nigeria. Also, your local shipping within Nigeria is very poor if you can't deliver to your customers door step I will advise you to contact Tranexpress for local delivery within Nigeria.
Customer CommentStarsultan
Excellent and respectful agents,good package of the items thank you very much .
Customer CommentSoso
I would prefer my orders be delivered in there cartons...Of all the mouses i ordered for just one came in a carton...i understand this was done for easy packaging purpose but please always include the packs....Great service Chrisvic...Thanks
Customer CommentSkynet
Your services are good. Just that the cost of ur shipping is too much or High compared to other ones I have Used. Eg they ship their products at a very cheap prices.
So If I should Use ur services again you have to reduce the shipping cost.
Customer CommentIsohlink
Excellent service but more rooms for IMPROVEMENT especially in COMMUNICATION. I will recommend your service to friends.
Customer CommentOrlando
The items were okay, but the heels of the shoe were too high and the ring was not plus size 13 as i wanted.
Customer CommentPeterhimself
We enjoy an excellent service as ususal. Kindly help look at your exchange and shipping rate, it is very high compare to other companies.
Customer CommentAdegbenke
This is the worst service I have received in years from any service provider. I placed two orders with items from 6 different sellers and I received only items from just 1 seller. Other sellers have all delivered the items to Chrisvicmall, which they confirmed but I have not received them. Chrisvicmall has also decided to ignore and not respond to my numerous mails and chats requesting for an update as per my goods. I would not recommend this company to anyone as their service is totally & utterly poor. My goods are still missing & I do not know if they have been misplaced or stolen
Customer CommentTmaesro
Great service,just need to work a little better on replying messages on time.
Customer CommentDpstar
You people are doing really good in promoting businesses particullarly by Nigerians. Keep it up.
Customer CommentAkinmeta
You sent me a message that am owning you the total sum of #1,170 but i paid the sum of #2,200 into your account and i fill the payment notification online and you refuse to credit my account. So kindly do that because i have to collect my goods today.
Customer CommentFloxy
i got my order in good super excited
Customer CommentJaysolutions
The only problem I have with CVM is the customer service, any time my goods Arrived lagos I always beg and appeal before it could get to me after paying all the necessary charges, only one whatsapp contact reply out of the 3 whatsapp line.
The 2 Nigeria lines can never be reachable anytime I tried to call, and some time the MTN Handler wit tell me to call the GLO which I found inappropriate.
The management should please look into this.
Customer CommentObadama
i paid for express shipping its been 5days already. how many more days do i have to wait for my goods to get delivered? please I want my goods today.rnPS: your customer service is wack.
Customer CommentAffordable
Dear Chrisvic, Your Mode of Shipping And Delivery Is Very Superb. Order No:- 2015081002533778 Was Timely As Predicted By Elena. I Received My Order Number very Fast As Told Me By Elena. I Shall Be Looking Forward For Prompt Delivery of Our other Products To Facilitate Another Purchase.Am Proud of All of You At Chrisvic Business Logistics, You Are Dependable, Effective And Efficient Logistically And Business Wise. Am Going To Recommend You To Fellow Nigerians. Please Keep Up The Good Work.
Thank you.
Customer CommentAopara
Transparent transaction...but an item was missing from my package. I do not know if it is the fault of the seller or Chrisvicmall. But, overall, I think I will do business again with you next time.However, you need to improve on your communication with clients...and addressing their concerns. I am particularly happy that I received email updates almost on a daily basis. Keep getting better. Thumbs up!
Excellent Shipping Service
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