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Customer CommentNkemdirim
Not minding the high rate of your shipping fee the service rendered by your staffs at your Lagos office is not encouraging at all. I doubt if I will be able to use CVM ever again cause there are better and cheaper logistics companies I have used before CVM.
Customer CommentSurry
Very good service. I'm impressed.
I will recommend Chrisvicmall.
Customer CommentDeetola
nice service
Customer CommentKachikwudavid
your service is extremely bad. i lost my money on an order i made using your service. i will never use you service AGAIN.
Customer CommentAbbeysf
a week ? the same time as people who paying for normal shipping, this is becoming very usual with you guys and it is really frustrating my business, we spend a lot on these items and we do not even get proper updates as to where or when the items will arrive Nigeria. Please look into all these.
Customer CommentAbbeysf
Your new system is really annoying and frustrating . i cannot monitor my orders properly, i do not get updates for anything at all, whenever i request EXPRESS SHIPPING these days it takes Tom almost a week to ship my items which should normally take 24-48 hours, this is hurting business. this has happened severally times, you need to work on your website and go back to the old design and give customers proper updates, if we are paying 1$ for 470naira which is really high, we need to get the value for our money, why do i bother paying for express shipping when my items do not come to me until
Customer CommentDesaint
Great service in delivery. God bless u.
Customer CommentSallyrue
The package came in a lot earlier than expected and I would have rated this experience 5 stars but for poor phone communication. I had to attempt twice before picking my package because no one was picking my calls and even when I eventually picked up there was still a delay.
Customer CommentThadeus
Website updates have become very inconsistent and unreliable. When orders are placed, items gets mixed up.rnThe weight of each recieved item should be included in the details shown in the item received checker result, since your payment statuses dont specify which item has what amount charged. Seeing this would make a customer able to calculate my weight and cost estimates.rnI have currently been charged twice same amount and I cant even tell what particular Item or package is been charged, because i didnt get a shipment notification which has recently been delayed always
Customer CommentConecity
Dear ChrisVicMall (Elena),

I would like you to CANCEL and note that I am not owing the sum
of 4310.00Naira, because we have had a conversation about this before now.

Order Number: 1606142236
Order Number: 1606147534

I reported a case of my Damaged Goods/Items which I received at
"Lagos (Nigeria)9 Medical Road Opposite Zenith Bank, Ikeja Lagos Nigeria.

This Complete Product Packaging was HEAVILY Shocked by Rain and
COULD NOT be sold because of this reason.

Empty Package boxes. 1606142236 & 1606147534
Customer CommentMacbenal
Very good and perfect services but please try to update in terms of helping clients to trace a supplier identity and authenticity even if the customer got the contact online and not from alibaba :am sure that if you people attach a fee to that service, people will be willing to pay. Secondly I look forward to expecting you people expand your shipment service to sea shipping, for people dealing on bulky items ;that will be nice.
Customer CommentSaheedopeyemi
I really love this chrisvicmall logistics, but the problem I have with them is the high exchange rate, if they could reduce it I will appreciate it and love them more.
Customer CommentDeeonelife
you charge high rate service likewise you didn't fulfil your promise likewiwe you didn't have good Care for your customer...I paid local fees and our agreement is to ship it to my door-step.. you told me to ship it at my door-step.. but when you send my goods it was not send to my door step.the driver was aasking to come to a place to collect my product...which it's unfair wasting my money for Byke after paid everything to you guys
Customer CommentBabalegba
It was a nice experience doing business with you
Customer CommentVertai
i am impressed with your service. my parcel got to me safely without any scratch and i will be doing business with you guys but work more on your guys on whatsapp,sometimes they don't respond on time both the ones in Nigeria and China. like i said, sometimes but the one in China is really trying.And kudos to my supplier too, very nice lady.
Customer CommentMacbenal
Is perfect and fast but I still recommend that you people should join the sea shipment for bigger goods. That will be fine.
Customer CommentClementikemuefula
when i started with CVM i told my friends that i will be importing goods from china through online they were laughing at me that am going to be scam but today the reverse is the case am the one laughing at them, CVM you guys are wonderful you make my dream come through i will not stop doing business with u.
Customer CommentKamakazi
Customer CommentSkynet
Hmmm... I don't think u guys are really taking the reviews all your customers are giving concerning ur services into consideration. Cos ur services are getting worse to worse everyday. Pls, Upgrade ur services and make amends where u guys are not getting it. This order took me 3weeks to get it even though it contains no batteries. Hmmm... Pls, consider
Customer CommentHaddypearl
I will also appreciate if I can pay for services rendered by CVM in $ instead of just # from Nigeria with my card. Just as online transfer of Naira. Thank You for prompt & excellent service.
Excellent Shipping Service
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