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There will be holiday in China starting from 29th of April to 2nd of May 2017. Order processing and shipping will resume after the holiday. Thanks for your cooperation. Please click here to read the full update
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Customer CommentBeaulah
My product was incomplete. It was delivered to Chrisvic by 3 different sellers but was packed into one box by chrisvic (I received it in one box from Lagos). In the process, I lost 26 gowns and 6 curren watches.rnKindly look for these items in your warehouse and ensure they are delivered to me.rnTotal cost of those items are $222. I cannot afford to loose that.
Customer CommentLieiralong
I have never been this disappointed before. I placed this order (order no: 1512035128) since the 3 of December and today is the last day in December. What is most worrisome is that Chrisvic is not telling me anything about it. All efforts to reach them through watsapp or phone calls have not been answered. I believe the customers should be considered in such circumstances and at least explained to on what is wrong with their orders. And what is that girls name helena, i think she isnt doing a good job there. I sincerely hope someone reads this and responds to it.
Customer CommentPhenomx
Service was on point; though CVM could do better in more detailed explanation of the ordering process.

Good Service Still.

Thank you
Customer CommentDeolu
Fucking Thieves your exchange rate is too high, you stopped accepting PayPal payments just because you increased exchange rate to suite you. Bastards!
Customer CommentSmallvilletolu
nice work continue your good deeds
Customer CommentEbiznetng
Am satisfied with how I was able to received my order without much stress. Please keep it up
Customer CommentJeffivy
It took several days to acknowledge my deposite into your account & in business time is money. Prompt dispatch of goods, excellent online service(Tom was realy helpful). Difficult to reach agents through phone.I rate you three stars. You can do better. Thanks.
Customer CommentOmoniyi
Good day,
I am not happy with my experience today concerning pick up of my parcel at your office. I called Ifeanyi today around 4.45pm Nigerian time to wait for me to pick up my package. I could not come earlier than that because my mother was sick and I had to take her to the hospital.

I pleaded and begged with him to give me 5-10 mins that I would be there around 5.10pm latest because I was already in Ikeja. This I did for close to 3 minutes begging him and explaining what happened.

You can read the full text in the mail sent. I am very bitter with your service
Customer CommentDmajor
amazing!, am impressed
Customer CommentJuggernaut
your service is very poor.I believe it can be improved upon and if u do u will be the best shipping agent in nigeria Because the structure of your business is second to non
Customer CommentUdombakara
Excellent Service, keep it up.
Customer CommentPeterhimself
Hello CVM, my items are incomplete, seller 4 on order 15103014286462 with tracking number 768405310762 Zhong Tong Express is not part of the items you sent me. The items are 10 pieces of pink Korean shoes, kindly check your warehouse and send same to me.
Customer CommentFloxy
this team are the best team...very kind ,always willing to respond and help out even when your confused with your order. Elema and Victor....well done
Customer CommentUcheedokpa
Very very poor customer servce, pls rectify my bill, cvm chargd 15$ extra on service chage, dts 25$ instead of 10$ for 2 transactions,this happend bfre and was rectifyd by victor. But now evrybdy seems to b deaf to my mails, msgs n calls, rectify ds asap, wd b in ur ikeja office tmrw to claim my goods n i owe cvm zero naira. Username- ucheedokpa.
Customer CommentTundexbasics
It is the poorest ever! And most EXPENSIVE! Nigerian phone numebrs always going to VOICE MAIL. CVM is a joke!
Customer CommentMila
Dont ever use Cvm when you have an emergency because no on will respond to your order or pick up your call. Cvm probably think they are the only shipping company in China. If you keep using this crappy service then you are on hour own
Customer CommentAzizhayzed
You said your express shipping takes 3 days, I don't know why my order takes a week to reach Nigeria. Also, your local shipping within Nigeria is very poor if you can't deliver to your customers door step I will advise you to contact Tranexpress for local delivery within Nigeria.
Customer CommentStarsultan
Excellent and respectful agents,good package of the items thank you very much .
Customer CommentSoso
I would prefer my orders be delivered in there cartons...Of all the mouses i ordered for just one came in a carton...i understand this was done for easy packaging purpose but please always include the packs....Great service Chrisvic...Thanks
Customer CommentSkynet
Your services are good. Just that the cost of ur shipping is too much or High compared to other ones I have Used. Eg they ship their products at a very cheap prices.
So If I should Use ur services again you have to reduce the shipping cost.
Excellent Shipping Service
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