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There will be holiday in China starting from 29th of April to 2nd of May 2017. Order processing and shipping will resume after the holiday. Thanks for your cooperation. Please click here to read the full update
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Customer CommentMacbenal
I think that just as normal shipping has a good competitive discount from 20kg upwards, that such should be granted to tweakly shipping and express shipping too..

I also think that your delivery time for normal shipping should have be minimize to 5-7 working days like other company does, than your 7-14 days.
Customer CommentDolyblues
This is my second order. You guys have been wonderful. Keep it up and improve on your quick response rate to customers. Kudos!
Customer CommentDolyblues
I enjoyed Chrisvicmall services. But you guys have to improve on your online customer service at the Message/Inquiry section. They're slow to respond and at times, they don't respond at all. All the same, I enjoyed your services. I will still do more business with you because this is just the beginning. I've got my first parcel from China and I'm very happy. Overall rating: 90%.

Customer CommentMacbenal
Your services are good, timing and good but your fees are over 100% higher than other people's fee and that is affecting me ;especially from this time that I will be going into more bulky goods and been constant.
Customer CommentPsteddy
I paid for Express Shipping which was supposed to take 1-2 days for me to receive my goods but it took over two weeks from the day of Registration to the time it gets to Nigeria.
Customer CommentKusi
I have paid the shipment money with what I owed CVM-790 NAIRA in Ghana .
I paid 3490.90naira worth 57 cedis in all I owe CVM. THANK YOU. I RECEIVED MY PACKAGE SUCCESSFULLY
Customer CommentEmoni
Pls, improve on customer-organization communications. Regards
Customer CommentWealthyme
I am impressed. Hope to do many more businesses with you and definitely better services from you .
Customer CommentVictorstores
You guys don't give update on packages on time. I placed an order for express shipping, but imy package arrived a week later- tantamount to normal shipping. You can also treat yiur customers better. I look forward to better services and up-to-date information about my parcel in the future. Thanks
Customer CommentLovelamp
Chrisvic Mall looks amazing but sincerely there is need for improvement in both you communication and update services.\\r\\n\\r\\nYour website need a massive overall (even i can design a modern and highly effective for your business at avoidable price) and your support and help desk need to be functioning. \\r\\n\\r\\nthere should be a reliable link to be able to get update ASAP.
Customer CommentNemzzy
I enjoy your service even tho the price of dollar is very high. you guys can do more better
Customer CommentMekaino
Fast shipping from China to Nigeria (24 to 48hours) but very poor from Lagos to Enugu( almost 7days). Your local shipping fee is also too high please reduce it.
Please you need to work more on your communication channels there is slow pace on that.
Customer CommentNkemdirim
Not minding the high rate of your shipping fee the service rendered by your staffs at your Lagos office is not encouraging at all. I doubt if I will be able to use CVM ever again cause there are better and cheaper logistics companies I have used before CVM.
Customer CommentSurry
Very good service. I'm impressed.
I will recommend Chrisvicmall.
Customer CommentDeetola
nice service
Customer CommentKachikwudavid
your service is extremely bad. i lost my money on an order i made using your service. i will never use you service AGAIN.
Customer CommentAbbeysf
a week ? the same time as people who paying for normal shipping, this is becoming very usual with you guys and it is really frustrating my business, we spend a lot on these items and we do not even get proper updates as to where or when the items will arrive Nigeria. Please look into all these.
Customer CommentAbbeysf
Your new system is really annoying and frustrating . i cannot monitor my orders properly, i do not get updates for anything at all, whenever i request EXPRESS SHIPPING these days it takes Tom almost a week to ship my items which should normally take 24-48 hours, this is hurting business. this has happened severally times, you need to work on your website and go back to the old design and give customers proper updates, if we are paying 1$ for 470naira which is really high, we need to get the value for our money, why do i bother paying for express shipping when my items do not come to me until
Customer CommentDesaint
Great service in delivery. God bless u.
Customer CommentSallyrue
The package came in a lot earlier than expected and I would have rated this experience 5 stars but for poor phone communication. I had to attempt twice before picking my package because no one was picking my calls and even when I eventually picked up there was still a delay.
Excellent Shipping Service
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