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Customer CommentIkorocom
its nice doing business and i trust your delivery. thanks for making China looks like home for me.
Customer CommentEmmat
Very poor service. Some of my orders were canceled and was told my money Wil be refunded up til now haven't received my money yet. And still haven't received the goods yet. Still waiting for my goods to arrive. Wish I can give zero stars.
Customer CommentImportation
Great and fast delivery. I appreciate
Customer CommentMopelola
I will advise u check ,your Lagos office they lack good communication and they give demurrage even after payment . pls try to check third incompetence. I am yet to receive my parcel after 3days payment for local shipping
Customer CommentAbasiandiong
Local shipments are not always shipped in time.
Customers are embarrassed with text of demurrage even when the customer had paid for the local shipment ,this is the second time I observe this.
uptil now cvm is still accruing demurrage debt for me even when I had paid for my local shipment. Six days now since my good arrived yet I have not collected it.
Let CVM look again into that area of local shipment and improve it especially when it is out of Lagos.
Customer CommentKharizoe
If I were to split your services, I would readily give a 5 star rating for your procurement and shipping as well as the transaction turnaround time of your China office. However, I have serious issues with the customer service response from your Lagos office (Medical Rd Ikeja); the laxity and lukewarmness with which one is treated is quite appalling; transaction turnaround time is bad.
Customer CommentNemzzy
The normal shipping was for a long process, i wasnt very happy with the order and you guys should work more harder and smarter, also the lagos contact should be more gentle in their way they talk to customers
Customer CommentMaurynne
Very poor communication,not an effective service especially for port Harcourt Delivery.
Customer CommentAlamnaco
customers are complaining of your poor services. especially those of your staff at your lagos office. its appalling to report that one week after my goods have been duly cleared i have not received it.
your lack of attitude towards customers satisfaction will cost you your customers if you don't act fast
Customer CommentImportkofi
Very good. Its been great working with you.. Service was wonderful
Customer CommentVictorstores
This is the first time I will receive an email alert immediately my parcel was delivered to and collected at your China address. I think you guys have really improved. The arrival date too didn't exceed 14 days. Just keep on improving.
Customer CommentUfuro
You need to improve at balancing your records so that you will not be debiting demurrage on customers for packages they have already collected.
Customer CommentOluwashindara
Good communication with customer. Efficient service delivery. Thumbs up.
Customer CommentNemzzy
It took more than 14 days for normal shipping
Customer CommentAgboflex
In my candid opinion I think all the members of staffs in your Lagos office should be changed due to their incompetence and lack of professionalism. The goods I ordered arrived days ago and I haven't gotten it to Ibadan yet. After, paying the local fees over 24 hours ago my goods have been sent to me and I am constantly being threatened about demurrage. what a pity.
Customer CommentDarstep
I don't like how the Lagos office is been run, how can I pay and pick my item and after a week I still received the embarrassing message that am owing please work on that, if it will take them to be using. computer to update immediately that will be great, love you guys, Chrisvicmall makes importation easy.
Customer CommentShemau
You guys are amazing.
Customer CommentIgwecharles
I appeal that CVM should refund me the sum Of #3,220 charge of local shipping fee which was collected from my CVM account after i have requested for cancellation of local shipping services
Customer CommentUfuro
But i understand the local shipping cost since am using lagos office. What is it for please i need a better explanations.

Customer CommentVictorakpos
your services is amazing, the goods i ordered came promptly, just keep it up, and your customer care agents are responsive too, thanks.
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