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When purchasing from China websites like,,,, etc, Chrisvicmall offer three different order processing types. These processing types are known as :

  1. Cvm Handles Both Purchase and Shipping
  2. Cvm Handles Only the Shipping
  3. Cvm Handles Only the Purchase

Cvm Handles Both Purchase and Shipping : Select this type of purchase if you want Chrisvicmall to handle the payment of the goods and also the shipping of the goods. For example, if you are purchasing from or or or any chinese website of your choice, you can select this processing type. There is $5 service charge if Chrisvicmall is to handle the purchase/payment of the goods for you.
***Note***: For those that wants to purchase from and want us to use type of processing, you are required to contact the supplier and get the price of the goods and also the supplier phone number before we can be able to process the order.

Cvm Handles Only the Shipping : This type of order processing are for people that wants to pay the supplier/seller by themselves but want Chrisvicmall to handle the shipping of the goods for them. There are things to pay attention to when using this type of processing. These are :

  • Make sure to place your order: To avoid delays in update, we highly recommend that you place your order(s) on Chrisvicmall the same day you pay your supplier(s). Do not wait until after the supplier has ship out the goods. This is to enable us give you update as soon as we receive your order and also save you money from phone calls.
  • Monitoring Your Order : Since you will be the one paying the supplier, it is your responsibility to keep in touch with the supplier until we receive the goods. Once your supplier ship out the goods, request for the tracking number from the supplier so that you can be able to monitor the location of the goods.

Cvm Handles Only the Purchase : If you want us to pay your supplier and your supplier handles the shippment of the goods for you, then this option is for you. Please note that the moment we pay your supplier, our mission is completed. You can then follow up with your supplier(s)

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