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Chrisvicmall offers a rotational advert plan which is simple to implement. Our advert system shows your visitors geographical location, number of clicks, and number of impressions. There are three types of advert banner available.
1.) The Rectangle Banner : The rectangle is 300*250 advert banner. Click here for an example of rectangle banner.
2.) The Midboard Banner: The midboard is 728*90 advert banner. Click here for an example of midboard banner.
3.) The Skyscraper Banner: The skyscraper is 160*600 advert banner. Click here for an example of skyscraper banner.
The advertising price is 2,000naira per month. To advertise on Chrisvicmall, follow the instruction below.

1.) Create an account on Chrisvicmall (if you have not created any account before).
2.) Log into your account and make sure that you have some credit (money) available in your account. If you don't have money into your account, pay into our account and we will credit your account after receiving payemnt.
3.) Now that you have fund in your account, choose any of the advert banner of your choice. We highly recommend that you design a professional advert banner. You can use the links above as an example. Once your banner is ready, move to step 4.
4.) Navigate to Advertising Page and then under " Advertise Your Business or Personal Website " , enter your campaign name,website name, valid months,etc
5.) Then submit. Once you submit, the system will deduct the charges immediately and your advert will be review. Once accepted, your advert will start running.

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